Paper tracks

The 5th International Current Breakthrough in Pharmacy
Conference Chair: apt. Riza Maulana, M.Pharm.Sci.

Track 1: Pharmaceutics and Applied Materials for Drug Delivery

Track Director: apt. Anita Sukmawati, Ph.D.

Physical pharmacy  pharmaceutics  pharmaceutical technology  drug delivery  pharmaceutical engineering  materials science  nanotechnology  novel development in manufacturing concept of Quality by Design in pharmaceutical product

Track 2: Pharmacology and Toxicology

Track Director: Dr. apt. Arifah Sri Wahyuni, M.Sc.

• Experimental animal pharmacology and toxicology • biochemical cellular pharmacology and toxicology • pharmacokinetics • pharmacodynamics, computational prediction of pharmacology • randomised controlled trial • pharmacogenetics • and all aspects of microbiology.

Track 3: Pharmacy Practices and Clinical Pharmacy

Track Director: apt. Hidayah Karuniawati, Ph.D.

• Social Pharmacy • Pharmacoeconomics • Pharmacoepidemiology • Pharmacy Management • Pharmacy Practice • Health Related Quality of Life Studies • Hospital pharmacy • Community pharmacy • Public health pharmacy • Clinical medicines • Medication counseling • Therapeutic drug monitoring • Parenteral nutrition • Ambulatory care pharmacy • Oncology pharmacy.

Track 4: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Track Director: apt. Wahyu Utami, Ph.D.

• Pharmaceutical Analysis • Environmental Analysis • Biomedical and Biomolecular Analysis • Analytical instrumentation and Methods • Food Analysis • Biosensor, Biochemistry • Medicinal Chemistry.

Track 5: Pharmacognosy & Ethnobotany

Track Director: Dr. apt. Rima Munawaroh, M.Sc.

• The structural and chemical characterization • the metabolic pathways leading to the synthesis of pharmacologically active compounds • the significance of natural substances in pharmaceutical research • the introducing different ways of applying plant drugs • the effect and use of drugs, herbal extracts and isolated compounds • the collection and cultivation of medicinal plants • breeding strategies and the application of biotechnology • traditional plant usage for food and fodder plants • medicinal plants • fibers and dyeing plants •   the use herbs to treat illness or applying them in a variety of ways.

Track 6: Biotechnology and Microbiology

Track Director: apt. Maryati, Ph.D.

• Angiogenesis • invasion and metastasis • antiproliferative • cell cycle • apoptosis • anticancer • immunomodulator • antioxidant • immunotherapy • chemotherapy • carcinogenesis • cancer stem cell • molecular docking • molecular oncology • cancer metabolism • cancer immunology • cancer pharmacogenomic and pharmacogenetic • diagnostics • pharmacotherapy • pharmacoepidemiology • nutraceuticals • cosmeceuticals.