Paper tracks

The 4th International Current Breakthrough in Pharmacy
Conference Chair: Peni Indrayudha, S.F, M.Biotech, Apt, Ph.D.

Track 1: Pharmaceutics and Applied Materials for Drug Delivery

Track Director: Anita Sukmawati, S.Si., Apt., M.Si., Ph.D.

Physical pharmacy  pharmaceutics  pharmaceutical technology  drug delivery  pharmaceutical engineering  materials science  nanotechnology  novel development in manufacturing concept of Quality by Design in pharmaceutical product

Track 2: Pharmacology and Toxicology

Track Director: Zakky Cholisoh, S.Si., M.Clin.Pha, Ph.D.

• Experimental animal pharmacology and toxicology • biochemical cellular pharmacology and toxicology • pharmacokinetics • pharmacodynamics, computational prediction of pharmacology • randomised controlled trial • pharmacogenetics • and all aspects of microbiology.

Track 3: Pharmacy Practices and Clinical Pharmacy

Track Director: Hidayah Karuniawati, S.Farm., M.Sc., Apt.

• Social Pharmacy • Pharmacoeconomics • Pharmacoepidemiology • Pharmacy Management • Pharmacy Practice • Health Related Quality of Life Studies • Hospital pharmacy • Community pharmacy • Public health pharmacy • Clinical medicines • Medication counseling • Therapeutic drug monitoring • Parenteral nutrition • Ambulatory care pharmacy • Oncology pharmacy.

Track 4: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Track Director: Ika Trisharyanti Dian Kusumowati, S.Si, M.Farm, Apt.

• Pharmaceutical Analysis • Environmental Analysis • Biomedical and Biomolecular Analysis • Analytical instrumentation and Methods • Food Analysis • Biosensor, Biochemistry • Medicinal Chemistry.

Track 5: Pharmacognosy & Ethnobotany

Track Director: Rima Munawaroh, S.Si., M.Sc, Apt.

• The structural and chemical characterization • the metabolic pathways leading to the synthesis of pharmacologically active compounds • the significance of natural substances in pharmaceutical research • the introducing different ways of applying plant drugs • the effect and use of drugs, herbal extracts and isolated compounds • the collection and cultivation of medicinal plants • breeding strategies and the application of biotechnology • traditional plant usage for food and fodder plants • medicinal plants • fibers and dyeing plants •   the use herbs to treat illness or applying them in a variety of ways.

Track 6: Biotechnology and Microbiology

Track Director: Maryati, M.Si, Ph.D, S.Si, Apt

• Angiogenesis • invasion and metastasis • antiproliferative • cell cycle • apoptosis • anticancer • immunomodulator • antioxidant • immunotherapy • chemotherapy • carcinogenesis • cancer stem cell • molecular docking • molecular oncology • cancer metabolism • cancer immunology • cancer pharmacogenomic and pharmacogenetic • diagnostics • pharmacotherapy • pharmacoepidemiology • nutraceuticals • cosmeceuticals.